design consulting

Before I started tarragona audio, I clocked up a twenty‐year career in interaction design—i.e. the design of how stuff works for people; making it work really well.

Here is my designer profile and portfolio.

You can see there that I developed a specialisation in designing interaction for creatives. Musicians, music producers and recording engineers are the creatives we want to talk about here.

What’s relevant here is that I have designed—

the music angle

The reason I started tarragona audio is that for 35+ years I am a musician and for 30+ years I have a fascination for musical instruments, musician’s tech, recording gear and effect boxes. I wanted to know how they worked, inside and out.

For 15+ years I have been studying the craft and workflow of music making and music recording. And of course I could not help myself, and researched and analysed it—as interaction designers do.

crossing the wires

So here is the deal: are you making—

And do you think that to be successful, your products should work really well when used in anger, so that nothing distracts from the creative flow? You could benefit of 20+ years of experience in this field? Then we should have a chat. Why not drop me a line?